Animations Engine

Animations are one of the most effective tools you can use on your website. The skillful use of animations can help to increase your traffic in ways that ordinary static content can’t.

Create stunning animations in just a few clicks.

Animating your entire website with Brisk is as easy as ABC. There are individual controls at your disposal and you can selectively turn on/off any of the available animation groups: Page Transitions, Top Banner, Header, Mobile Header, Page Title, Footer, Blog, Portfolio & Shop.

7 different animations

Choose between Fade, Fade Up, Fade Down, Reveal, Fade & Reveal, Slide Along, Slide on Top.

Precise speed & delay controls

Custom timing inputs for delay and child elements delay. Three speed presets for animation duration.

Disable globally in one click

Turning the animations off globally will increase browser performance on client side (files are not loaded).

Animate every part of your website.

Give your website an extra touch while moving away from the hard cut of page loads with smooth transitions and animations.

One panel to control everything

With Brisk, all animations can be controlled in a single page, with intuitive settings and precise controls.