Unparalleled speed, out of the box.

Analyze and manage your website features and make better performance-related decisions, all in one panel, with no extra plugins to think about.

The faster your website runs, the more visitors you get. Simple. People just don’t have much patience, so if your site is not loading quickly, they will leave and never come back. By today’s standards, a second is a lot. In UiCore Framework v.3.0.0, we included a performance manager and a complete code refactoring so you can get impressive loading times while keeping all the premium features.

Disable unused features.

Easily disable unused features to reduce the amount of code that is loaded per page and the number of HTTP requests.

Disable theme features.

Prevent the load of unnecessary css and js files if certain theme features are not used. These features include:

Smart page preload.

Preload pages in the background before the users click on them, making it load instantly.

Under the hood optimizations

Every single line of code in UiCore Framework is profiled for fast performing websites that maximizes your chances for conversions.

CSS & JS Optimization

Load only the files that are needed on the page, to drastically reduce the loading time.

Database Query Optimization

Only changed settings are written in database, while default ones are stored locally.

Smart Resource Preloading

Critical resources like fonts and images are automatically preloaded to improve loading time.