Rebrand Your WordPress Admin Experience

Make it your own: add your logo, brand name, brand color, remove critical website settings, and even customize the WordPress login screen.

Your Branding

Customize Theme Options Panel

Admin Customizer gives you the ability to completely rebrand the Theme Options Panel to exactly what you like.

Restrict Access

Disable Critical Settings

Take advantage of the most advanced page builder out there and create the website that perfectly suits your needs.

WP Login

Customize WordPress Login Screen

Perfect for onlie stores or membership websites

Customizing the default WordPress login page allows you to offer a better user experience.

Using your own branding makes your users feel at home

Whereas redirecting them to the default WordPress login screen that looks nothing like your website may look suspicious to your users.

But wait, there's more

UiCore Framework comes with interactive design tools and features that could leave you feeling like a pro after just a few clicks.

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